Why Would We Do That?

While quoting a job for a recent business looking to do some graphics on their vehicle, I asked if they wanted to do more then just a name and phone number in a basic font.

The company's response: "Why would we do that?"

Well, the answer is simple. It's probably the best form of advertising for your company. Think about it:

If you're vehicle attracts one set of eyes per mile that it's on the road, multiply that by how many miles you drive a year, and that's pretty good advertising. That's cheaper then buying ads on Facebook. That's only with ONE set of eyes, imagine more!

50,000 Miles x 1 Set of eyes per mile = 50,000 views. Not to mention if you're in a populated area, the odds skyrocket.

Take a look at our friends at Precision Auto Glass. Not only do they have their LOGOS on the vehicle, they also have a simple yet pleasing graphic scheme on their vans. From every angle you stand and view their vans, you can see their logo.

Precision Auto Glass has under 20 vehicles, yet I see them all the time because of their eye-catching graphics.

I cannot begin to express how many white fleet vehicles I see that have nothing more then a name on the door in Times New Roman or Ariel fonts. Most of these companies, when handing you a business card, have a logo on the upper left hand corner. You spent all that money on that logo, why not display it?

We not only make graphics, but can design a livery just for your business. Take pride and drive around town knowing there's no other companies with matching vehicles to yours.